Let us begin

New site, mainly to keep people updated on my upcoming trip to France and how I feel about my first journey off the continent (I don’t count that trip to Hawaii that one time).

As a French major, it’s funny that I’m so nervous about going to France. It’s not that I feel super weak with the language, but rather that I’m afraid that the people aren’t going to be welcoming or receptive. I guess the stereotype of the French being cold and unwelcoming to strangers carries a lot of weight, even if I’m trying to defeat it. Profs all say that I’ll have a good time.
A word on the title – I couldn’t think of anything that exemplifies me better than  Qui-Gon Jinn’s inimitable quote from Star Wars, “Your focus determines your reality.” Seems to be a good maxim, so we’ll run with it. In the words of Kennedy, “Let us begin.”
Edit: I’ve opened up a Twitter feed as well, to see if I can get in the habit of twittering. Small things will be posted there. http://twitter.com/joshbrez

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