Leaving Milwaukee

Today’s the day that I finally leave Milwaukee for the whole summer. It’s been a completely boring three weeks here without neither classes nor most of my friends. Max and Elicia are coming to get me for a weekend of partying to celebrate their graduations. It’ll be a good time, and will remind me how much I have to look forward to a year from now, when that elusive degree will finally be mine.

After this weekend, I go home to Illinois again, there to stay for three weeks before going overseas. These next three weeks are going to be exceptionally nerve-wracking, when my nervousness about the trip catches up to me big time. I’m really uneasy about leaving behind my family, friends, university, and country for six entire weeks. It’s a frightening prospect. This is by far the most important thing I’ve done in my life up until now, as it will have a large impact on where I see my career going after undergrad. It’ll be a good time, but only if I can shed my doubts and insecurities. Time will tell if I can do that or not.

If I hold true to the values that I’ve been raised with and the knowledge that I’ve cultivated in college, while also remembering that there is much that I don’t not know, I’m sure that I can go into this experience with an open mind.

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