On the end of the journey

My friends, it is likely that this will be my final entry for the trip. I have come a long way in the past five and a half weeks. What was once a journey that made me nervous is now a journey that I don’t want to stop. Indeed, I don’t want it to stop even though I’m completely physically exhausted (walking several miles to get home after a night with good friends for several nights in the week will do that to a person, I guess). Last night, while walking the long road home one last time, a French couple in a car stopped me and asked for directions. Even when exhausted, I could address them in French and point them in the right direction. If that’s not an indicator of my progress, I don’t know what is. I am now comfortable with the statement “I speak French,” because I do indeed.

It relieves me to know that not only has the trip made me better at French, but that it has imparted other crucial lessons as well, plus given me potentially lifelong friendships. I will cherish this experience as the coolest thing I’ve ever done for an undoubtedly long time.

My story here over the past five weeks has perhaps been somewhat strange. You all have gotten in your email what basically amouted to a stream of consciousness regarding my inner feelings. For the most part, the stories that have made this trip memorable have not appeared here. Those stories shall be told to you all in time in person, no doubt.

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