Post-trip withdrawal

I’ve been home for a week, and I’m miserably bored. I spent the first few days at home doing almost nothing other than missing my new friends from the trip. Then, I spent a couple of days doing things with people, many of whom I had known for years. Doing this both hurt and helped me. On the one hand, life as normal must absolutely continue, even following such an amazing experience. On the other, it made me feel distant and far away from everything that had just happened to me.

I know that the new friendships (and one of them is more than that) are not going away any time soon. It just feels like we were removed from each other so suddenly. Everything was going absolutely wonderfully at the time we all parted, and all of us, I think, are wishing that we had had more days with each other. It took six weeks for us to form a series of incredible relationships, some of which we never would have anticipated at the outset. We are all anxious to see where these relationships will go. As it stands, we have a week and a half left before we all converge in Minneapolis again.

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