What We All Want On the Fourth

In this great country today, we celebrate the heroic actions of our nation’s birth. We celebrate the words and deeds of the great Founders of liberal democracy. Along with the other luminaries of the Enlightenment, they saw the path forward out of regressive, authoritarian monarchy. They saw a world governed by autocrats and said, “No more”.

Leaders of both of our political parties sometimes forget that they’re answerable to the people. The people, no matter who they’ve recently voted for, all seem to be aligned around some pretty basic things:

  • We all want to not go bankrupt paying medical bills, and to pay as little as possible for medical care.
  • We all want to be able to save for our own retirements in addition to our children’s educations.
  • We all want to be able to have the time we need with our newborn children when they are born without worrying about running out of money.
  • We all want to get raises in good times, and in fact in all times, just like CEOs do.
  • We all want to welcome anyone who comes to our country and works hard to get ahead, take care of themselves, and help make our country great.
  • We all want good jobs in places where the good jobs have left, and for the government to help bring them in.
  • We all want stable, loving communities free of the threats of violence, drugs, depravation, and fear.

Right now, there is a health care bill floating around out there that either works against or doesn’t address these common wants. We recently elected a President who said in some way or another that he supported all these things. Politicians who support these cruel bills that don’t drive us towards our mutual goals should be told, “No more.”

Go here to contact your Senator. Happy Fourth of July.

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