A family makes a trip

A family makes a trip of hundreds of miles, buying off and bribing who they need to, to escape violence and abuse and tyranny in their home country. They put themselves through incredible danger because the danger they’re leaving behind is undoubtedly worse.

They get to the border of our land, and they’re treated like criminals or worse; shouted at, turned away, abused. When they do get through the border, sometimes they get caught later, and are kicked out of the country. Many of them do it all over again and come back.

They come back because they believe in America. They know that in America, they will find more opportunity and a more peaceful life than where they came from. They believe in an America so bright that it shines through every ounce of the hate and fear that causes many of our people and certainly our President to censure, bully, and blame them. They believe in America’s promise more than many of us do.

Let them in. They deserve to be here. The great question of this moment is whether the rest of us do.

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